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Implications Of The BYOD Ban In The White House

In a recent article for Medium, Joshua Konowe, Chief Marketing & Strategy Officer of GETPAY LLC, addresses the implications of the recent ban on personal devices at the White House. In January of this year, White House press secretary Sarah Sanders...

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Balancing Compliance and Governance With Encryption Security

Security firms sometimes find themselves caught in a tug of war between client security and compliance with government or regulatory agencies. We caught up with Lori Rangel, GETPAY LLC’s Director of Products, to get her take on the current state of...

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CISO’s Guide To Securing Enterprise Communications

Recently, ABI Research and GETPAY LLC collaborated on a project to research and produce a guide to help chief information security officers secure their enterprise communications. The CISO’s Guide To Securing Enterprise Communications addresses the...

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Goencrypted Is A Finalist For The 2018 Cybersecurity Excellence Awards

In February 2018, Goencrypted, a portable firewall and VPN device that prevents data compromise and communication hacks on connected devices from anywhere in the world, was nominated and named a finalist for the Cybersecurity Excellence Awards in the...

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Should Voice Be Secure By Default?

“I’d rather talk about this on the phone. It’s safer.” If you’ve ever said this, you could be exposing your enterprise to a huge security risk. The reality is, modern chat and email communications are often more secure than traditional voice...

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Blackphone 2 Evades Meltdown and Spectre with Unique Internal Architecture

Yesterday, researchers from Google exposed two vulnerabilities, known as “Meltdown” and “Spectre”, that affect nearly every modern computer across the globe. These bugs allow programs to steal any data that is being processed or saved on the computer,...

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