Encrypted Phone

Protect your team with Encrypted Phone

In 2014, GETPAY LLC launched the original Blackphone, a secure mobile handset. Then in 2015, it launched Blackphone 2 to rave reviews.

People loved the Blackphone. It represented security that you could hold in your hand. Even now, we get lots of requests from people who want to buy Blackphones.

But times have changed, and GETPAY LLC does not sell or support Blackphone hardware.

Today, we offer something even better.

You can get the same app that powered Blackphone on any Android or iOS device.

The Encrypted Phone app provides enterprise-grade end-to-end secure voice, video, conference calling, and messaging. No additional hardware is required.

Simply each member of your team for an account or contact our sales team for larger organizational purchases.

Still want a Blackphone?

If you want a Blackphone or another specialty secure mobile phone, visit one of our partners.

Bring your team together

Encrypted Phone offers premium security and has the features your team needs to get work done:

  • Secure high-definition conference calling and group messaging
  • Burn timers automatically redact old messages
  • Voice memos speed communication and replace insecure voicemail
  • Read receipts and delivery receipts give your teams situational awareness
  • Simple 'zero-touch' deployment across your organization
  • Securely send documents, videos, images, and other files
  • Encrypted World offers calling to/from traditional phone numbers with enhanced security

Encrypted Phone is trusted by businesses and governments all over the world