Encrypted Phone 6.0 is Here!

Encrypted Phone 6.0 is now available for iOS and Android. This release offers group messaging plus improved look and functionality with consistent UI/UX.

We are pleased to announce that the much-anticipated Encrypted Phone version 6.0 is now available for iOS and Android. Among the changes in this new release customers will find group messaging and an improved and consistent UI/UX across iOS and Android users. The improved look and functionality of the app allows for easier use by customers.

Finding other Encrypted Phone users is also easier now. Enterprise users will now be able to see the name of their company at the top of the directory search results, which makes it clear as to which users are theirs.

To those who participated in the beta group for Encrypted Phone 6.0, thank you! Your feedback helped to improve and tweek the product so we can feel fully confident in the release version. We were pleased to hear from beta testers that the changes we have made to Encrypted Phone have allowed them to use the service in unusual environments where they previously were not able to. This release has been optimized to make the service faster, smoother, and more network efficient.

To make sure you are getting the best experience possible, please make sure to download the latest version of Encrypted Phone – especially when using group messaging. If users in a group are running older versions of Encrypted Phone they will still be included in the group message, but may be removed from the group when they update to the latest Encrypted Phone version. That user can easily be re-added to the group should this happen.

Looking to get a Encrypted Phone account? Please click on the appropriate link below:

More design changes are expected in future releases that will unify the look and feel of both Android and iOS platforms so onboarding and training users will be even easier. Keep checking back for updates as new changes are rolled out.